Late Bloomer by Barbara Lohr

A new addition to the Man From Yesterday series by Barbara Lohr. It’s always a pleasure editing her work. Brody is a keeper and now Santa Fe is on my bucket list!


Can romance bloom for a young teacher and her student, ten years after high school graduation? Teacher’s Pest in Carolyn’s English class, Brody racked up a school record for detentions. He made her miserable with his stunts. What a relief when he graduated.

The four year age difference doesn’t matter when they run into each other in Santa Fe. Not to him, anyway. Miss Knight’s gone from mini-skirts to elasticized waistbands, while Brody’s morphed into His Hotness. Well mannered. Successful. And searching for his past.

She’d been his favorite teacher, but in Carolyn’s mind, Brody’s still her student. In town to help her ailing grandmother, Carolyn discovers darling Mama V has a new beau. She’s reinvented herself. Can Carolyn borrow a page from her book? Brody becomes her guide, teaching her that spontaneity can trump lesson plans. But he was such a player in high school. Has her high school bad boy matured into the man she can love and trust forever?

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