Still Not Over You by Barbara Lohr

Still Not Over You is Book # 5 in Barbara Lohr’s Man From Yesterday series. I love editing this contemporary romance series and this book did not disappoint. Lohr puts a spin on the typical romantic tale by beginning with a couple divorced for the past year. She pulls the heartstrings as they struggle with being alone and realize the mistakes made on both sides. The secondary characters—especially the plastic pink flamingo Fernando—add a layer of humor and sweetness to the story.


The marriage might be over, but in this heartwarming romance, Phoebe and Ryder aren’t finished. Not by a long shot. When they split up, Ryder got the Harley but they both own the Gull Harbor cottage where Phoebe still lives. She wants it fixed up and demands his financial help. Her ruggedly handsome ex fumes…and then he folds. Mighty suspicious.

Losing Phoebe was the biggest mistake of Ryder’s life. He’s never gotten over her. Can repairing a house heal a broken marriage? Pride makes Phoebe rip up Ryder’s check. She’ll do the work herself and paint the house pink. Really girly up the place so Ryder will never be able to sell it. When Phoebe ends up in the ER with a broken leg, her ex is only too happy to come to her rescue. He has romance on his mind but she doesn’t. Will she be stuck with him all summer?

Goaded on by his father Stanley, a Vietnam Vet, Ryder takes on the mission of winning Phoebe back. Together, the father and son plot a strategic course to reconciliation. After loading, his tool box onto his truck, Ryder sets out to win back the only woman he’s ever loved.

But Phoebe’s not making this easy. Her book group has their own plan, which Phoebe discovers is increasingly difficult as the summer days melt away. Muscles rippling in the sun, Ryder generates heat that has nothing to do with July. And he’s being so darn sweet, bringing pasties from the Whistle Stop Cafe and chicken from Roadhouse. He knows her weak points too well. And Ryder’s one of them.

Both burned by their past, they worry about any future together. As he lays down a new roof and yes, paints the cottage a girly pink, Ryder hopes she can see he’s changed. That he’s not the careless boy who broke her heart.

Eager to help with the wooing, Stanley secretly drops off dinners, supposedly Ryder’s own efforts. Goaded on by her friends, Phoebe invites Ryder to take the guest room so she can flaunt what he left behind. She brings on the skimpy tops and her denim mini-skirt, the only clothes that fit over her cast.

But the plans both backfire. Phoebe and Ryder reach a make or break point. Are the stakes too high? Can she risk loving him again? Reaching into his painful past, Stanley provides an answer. All these years he’s kept a secret that could devastate Ryder, while restoring his son to a future with the woman he dearly loves. A story of forgiveness and invincible love.

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