A Gentleman Thief by Meredith Bond

Regency is one of my favorite genres. I recently took a class to learn the nuances of title usage and Regency slang and manners. I thought it would benefit my historical clients and improve my knowledge as a reader. There is nothing more irritating than finding an obvious gaffe in a historical romance. 

Check out Book #7 in the Merry Men series.


Thalia Grace has a habit of flaunting Regency society—whether it be racing her horse against ungentlemanly earls or standing up to the arrogant lady patronesses of Almack’s. But after a handsome Greek artist comes to visit, she discovers her true calling—to follow in the footsteps of her archaeologist parents.
The talented Yiannis Istoriakis is passionate about Greek antiquities—he would do anything to ensure that they are treated with proper respect. But he never expected to become a thief…much less be so fascinated by the spirited woman he needs to become his accomplice.
As Thalia and Yiannis suffer through London’s social whirl while stealing priceless antiquities, they find that it’s their hearts that are in danger of being stolen.

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