Sweet Torture by Dayna Quince (Book 2 Fated Love Series)

Yes, I have a weakness for historical romance—Regency in particular. Working with this author has been a treat for both of those reasons. This is the second in Dayna Quince’s Fated Love series. This is a great series for spicy Regency lovers.


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Can a single kiss thaw a heart determined to remain cold?

After witnessing her father’s philandering and her mother’s turmoil, Lady Lydia Covington knows rakes make terrible husbands and vows to marry a man who can never break her heart. Lord Caverly, a man many years older, is the man Lydia and her mother choose for Lydia to marry. But one kiss from the handsome and disreputable Lord Wilhelm sets all her cold-hearted plans ablaze.

Devon, Viscount Wilhelm, only kissed Lady Lydia to prove that he could rattle her icy facade, but instead, the famed Ice Queen of London sets him on fire. As his little sister’s closet friend, she is off limits, but when Lydia comes to him, asking him to teach her about passion, Devon can’t refuse. He sets out to show her why rakes make the best husbands.

As Lydia and Devon fall deeper in love, fear of a disastrous marriage like her parents prevents Lydia from believing Devon’s intentions are true. Confronted with her impending engagement to Lord Caverly, Lydia must choose between risking her heart on a rake or a safe passionless marriage with Lord Caverly. But when Lydia realizes her mistake in choosing Lord Caverly over Devon, it’s too late and Devon has disappeared from England. When word of his return reaches Lydia three months later, the tables have turned and this time it is Devon who refuses to believe in Lydia’s love. It is up to Lydia to convince him that her intentions are true, and reformed ice queens make the best wives.


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