When Hearts Rebel by Meredith Bond

Ever wonder about the parents of your favorite hero or heroine? Meredith Bond is answering that question with a parent novella collection for The Merry Men Regency series. This has been an entertaining series to edit. I’ve read the original series and loved finding out how the main characters came to be.


When Hearts Rebel is the first Parents Novella of the Merry Men series. It tells the story of Elizabeth Whately and Oliver Wyndham, parents of the American heroine in A Rake’s Reward. Elizabeth’s mother is pushing her to find a rich husband, while Oliver is struggling with his father’s gambling debts. But when hearts collide and all seems lost, perhaps only a full rebellion can clear the way—to America.



Under the Mango Tree is the second Parents Novella of the Merry Men Series and explores the forbidden relationship of the parents of Julian Ritchie, the hero of An Exotic Heir. If you like reading about exotic places, different cultures and strong women then you’ll love exploring Calcutta during the Raj in Meredith Bond’s Under the Mango Tree.



The third Parents Novella involves English diplomat Richard Seton and the daughter of a Spanish ally negotiator, Isabella Guzman. Against the lush background of Basel, Switzerland, this couple fall in love during treaty talks with the French in 1795. They are the parents of Lady Theresa Seton from The Merry Marquis.

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