Merry Christmas from the Editing Hall

Be sure the spelling on your holiday cards are correct. Here’s a list to check twice! e2729ce187b61378ebfedccde37373b6.png

Common mistakes to avoid when penning a note of Yuletide cheer:

  1. Christmastime is one word.
  2. Ho! Ho! Ho! has exclamation points after each one.
  3. Santa Claus has no E at the end.
  4. Xmas does not have a hyphen after the X.
  5. Noël, the French word for Christmas, has an diaeresis over the E, if you want to be especially traditional. Though, “Noel” is also an accepted spelling.

So write correctly and don’t be late!


The Editing Hall wishes everyone a joyous holiday season! 



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