YA Fantasy series: Unraveled World by Alicia Fabel

Fantasy and world-building fans, it’s your lucky day. I loved editing for Alicia Fabel and her crazy world. It’s fresh, funny, and action-packed with vivid descriptions that leave you laughing or gasping. Try it! It may be your next addiction!


Earth is just a prison realm for humans who don’t know it.

FYI: Accidentally breaking out is frowned upon.

Well, crap.

Thanks to some epic bad luck, Vera tumbles through the gate separating Earth from the other realms of the world. Beyond Earth, the world is full of magic. And completely off-limits to humans.

Vera’s new protector, Kale, is the cranky, overbearing, irritatingly attractive Guardian responsible for executing humans who stray beyond their borders. Turns out, her kind broke the world a thousand years ago.


Vera needs to find a way back home before anyone else figures out what she is. Her best shot at getting there with all her bits intact? Kale. Who still might decide to kill her, if his flesh-eating demon horse doesn’t beat him to it.

Oh, and mythical monsters are real. All of them. Good times, right?

Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

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