New Regency Series by Dayna Quince

I enjoy editing Dayna Quince’s books. The plots are entertaining, the romance is steamy—I mean scorching—with the perfect amount of humor and angst sprinkled throughout the story.

The Northumberland Nine are gently bred sisters, all of marriageable age, and terribly desperate to get married. The problem? Their fertile father is so busy traveling and searching for willing husbands that his modest estate has fallen into disrepair. They are near penniless, and well, what wealthy gentleman wants a wife with no dowry? But that won’t stop these spirited sisters from taking their fate into their own hands and ensuring that not only will they save their home from total destitution, but they will find love too.

OWDfinal cover.jpg

Will one wild dawn lead to true love… or a secret that will ruin their lives?
The oldest of nine sisters, Miss Annette Marsden spends her life taking care of others and keeping her father’s modest estate from falling apart while longing for a romance she only dare to dream about.

The younger brother of the Duke ofSelbourne, Lord Roderick Andrews finds himself tiring of the same old debauchery and longs for the one woman who does not swoon at his feet.

One wild dawn, driven by a stolen kiss, Anne and Roderick are swept away by desire. Anne dares to hope her dream of love may come true, only to find that Roderick was so drunk that he doesn’t remember what happened!

Now the romance she once craved has left her carrying a secret that will ruin her and her sisters. A house party is her only chance to find a husband as quickly as possible. But Roderick is determined to prove he can change and win her heart. Can he rekindle the passion they’d found and redeem himself to Anne or is their one chance at happiness gone with Roderick’s memories?

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