L.A. McGinnis’s Queen of Swords finals in 2019 Paranormal Reviewer’s Choice

Paranormal, apocalyptic fantasy was never a genre I picked up in the past. But since editing several series, I have become a fan. The Banished Gods series by L.A. McGinnis appealed to the history geek in me. Norse gods punished and sent to Earth to save the humans. Sexy, mighty Norse gods. Strong, independent women that earn the respect of these gods. Yes, I was hooked. It has become one of my favorite series to edit.

In Book 1, we meet the gods—Odin the All-Father, Loki the god of fire, Mir the god of wisdom, Freyr the god of love, Tyr the god of war, and others. The romance revolves around Loki and a human, Morgane. The catastrophe is set in Chicago and involves the Goddess of Death and an entity called the Orobus, or the God of Chaos. Death and her nasty little minions, along with the destructive power of Orobus, try to take over the human world. Spoiler: Some of my favorite landmarks in this city do not survive.

Queen of Swords is nominated for Best Romance/Fantasy/Action-Adventure/Supernatural/Thriller/Suspense. Both for the individual book and the series. If you are already a fan, click on the banner below and VOTE. The competition ends 1/24/20.


If you haven’t tried this series, take a look.  You won’t be disappointed. Queen of Swords is on sale for 99 pennies.


Publication Date: January 19, 2019                                                                                          Genre: Romantic Fantasy; Myth & Legend; Action & Adventure Fantasy

Monsters killed my family, so I came for revenge.

Chicago was supposed to be a fun family vacation, and it was, until my family was slaughtered by demons. Now I’m caught up in a war between immortals tasked to save our planet, and a dark primordial god intent on destroying it.

I may be mortal, and I might be in over my head, but that’s never stopped me before.

I’ll show these demons who to fear on the streets of Chicago. Blood will flow, and I’ll only be satisfied once they’ve all been sent back to the hell they came from.

Except that’s kind of the problem.

The Queen of the Dead’s been hunting me for years. And my time’s just about up.

This is the first installment of the Banished Gods series, and this full length book includes sexy immortal gods, a warrior queen, sexy love scenes, demons, and plenty of sassy banter.

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