Demonic Desires Series

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Eternally Mated Series

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Sparks of Desire Series

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A Jinn’s Seduction Series

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“I used Chris at The Editing Hall for my novella, Spanish Nights. She was quick, thorough and professional. Chris was always there to answer any questions I had and would explain why she thought something should be changed. She helped guide me in bringing depth to several scenes by proposing ideas to help me get my creative juices going. She also has a good understanding of an author’s voice and how important it is to us. I would highly recommend her, and she will be editing all of my self-published work from now on.”

~USA Recommended, Bestselling and award-winning Author Valerie Twombly, The Guardian series

Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy

Unraveled World Series

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“I could not be happier with The Editing Hall for their editing services. I love working with them. Chris is very personable and awesome at what she does. Not only has she made sure that my stories sparkle, but she has also given me the tools to become a better and more confident writer.”

~ Alicia Fabel, Unraveled World series


 Time Travel

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 Paranormal Regency 

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“Thank you, thank you!! I LOVE your editing! I’ve had a number of different professional editors look at my work–both independent editors and those at my former publisher, Kensington, and none did as thorough a job as you! Can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work. Not only were all of my dumb grammatical errors and repetitions corrected, but you really looked deeply at my characters, pacing, historical accuracy, everything!! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the job you did on both of my books, Bridging the Storm and Storm on the Horizon. Thank you!!”

~Bestselling and award-winning Regency author Meredith Bond, The Merry Men Quartet  and A Paranormal Regency Novella series