Science Fiction

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After many rounds of edits with critique partners, beta readers, and a content editor, Chris provided a much-needed review of Dama X. She proofed my book quickly and proficiently. Because of Chris’s hard work, I delivered a professional and polished product to my readers. I will definitely use her services again.

~J.T. Bock, author of the UltraSecurity series



Erin, Chris, and the entire team at The Editing Hall are absolutely fantastic. They conducted a beta read, two rounds of editing, with a final publishing proofread. I am not claiming that I have a masterpiece in City 55, but what I do have is leaps and bounds above the original product. Character development and plot points helped me round out the story. Line edits were simply something required if I wanted this book to look professional. Beyond the quality of the product, it was a pleasure working with and discussing my story with people that truly knew what they were talking about. I respected them and their opinion, and it was a relief to trust professionals to help me with something so personal. Thank you for helping me finish what I never thought I would. 

~William Pinecroft, author of City 55