Adverbs: The Uninvited Guests

literally never

Adverbs have received a bad rap over the years. Many authors diligently avoid words ending with -ly. Yet, those little devils may sneak in without notice. I love a well-placed adverb. Used sparingly, it can help set the tone or add just the right detail to a mental image. 


By definition, an adverb describes or gives more information about a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. Did you know there are three types?

Adverbs of manner are the most recognized.

She moved slowly and spoke quietly.



Adverbs of place are often overlooked.

She lived on the island all her life. She lives there now.



Adverbs of frequency sneak in without notice.

She takes the boat every day.

me editor wrote.jpeg

Now read over this post again. Do you spot any adverbs you didn’t notice before? 

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