New Regency Series by Dayna Quince

I enjoy editing Dayna Quince's books. The plots are entertaining, the romance is steamy—I mean scorching—with the perfect amount of humor and angst sprinkled throughout the story. The Northumberland Nine are gently bred sisters, all of marriageable age, and terribly desperate to get married. The problem? Their fertile father is so busy traveling and searching … Continue reading New Regency Series by Dayna Quince

Explosive Touch by C.F. Francis

Romantic suspense readers are in for a treat. This is the third book in the James Gang series by C.F. Francis. Flawed main characters, ex-military, action, and sizzling attraction all set on steamy Sanibel Island. It's hard to edit and hang on to your seat at the same time!  Bombings, worlds apart, throw two survivors … Continue reading Explosive Touch by C.F. Francis

YA Fantasy series: Unraveled World by Alicia Fabel

Fantasy and world-building fans, it's your lucky day. I loved editing for Alicia Fabel and her crazy world. It's fresh, funny, and action-packed with vivid descriptions that leave you laughing or gasping. Try it! It may be your next addiction! Earth is just a prison realm for humans who don't know it. FYI: Accidentally breaking out is … Continue reading YA Fantasy series: Unraveled World by Alicia Fabel

Merry Christmas from the Editing Hall

Be sure the spelling on your holiday cards are correct. Here's a list to check twice! Common mistakes to avoid when penning a note of Yuletide cheer: Christmastime is one word. Ho! Ho! Ho! has exclamation points after each one. Santa Claus has no E at the end. Xmas does not have a hyphen after … Continue reading Merry Christmas from the Editing Hall

Adverbs: The Uninvited Guests

Adverbs have received a bad rap over the years. Many authors diligently avoid words ending with -ly. Yet, those little devils may sneak in without notice. I love a well-placed adverb. Used sparingly, it can help set the tone or add just the right detail to a mental image.  By definition, an adverb describes or … Continue reading Adverbs: The Uninvited Guests

When Hearts Rebel by Meredith Bond

Ever wonder about the parents of your favorite hero or heroine? Meredith Bond is answering that question with a parent novella collection for The Merry Men Regency series. This has been an entertaining series to edit. I've read the original series and loved finding out how the main characters came to be. When Hearts Rebel … Continue reading When Hearts Rebel by Meredith Bond

Grammar Giggles: Weekend Word Warrior

We'd like to share the Washington's Post list of winning words with alternate meanings. Do you have a favorite? I loved #9 and #14. More clever wordplay courtesy of The Yeshiva World. dilate: live long abominable: a bull that swallowed a bomb professor: opposite of confessor pharmacist: a farm hand psychopath: crazy paving agog: a … Continue reading Grammar Giggles: Weekend Word Warrior

PenCraft Book of the Year: The Second Wife by Kishan Paul

The Editing Hall is thrilled to announce that one of our clients, Kishan Paul, has received the PenCraft Book of the Year award. "The Second Wife is a powerful new epic that Paul has adroitly woven the prickly threads of religion, politics, race, sin, and redemption into a thing of terrible beauty." This is the … Continue reading PenCraft Book of the Year: The Second Wife by Kishan Paul

Scottish Regency: Rhapsody and Rebellion by Aubrey Wynne

The Editing Hall loves historical romance!  A Scottish Regency with a bit of mystic lore by award-winning author Aubrey Wynne. A Scottish legacy... A political rebellion... Two hearts destined to meet... Raised in his father’s image, the Earl of Stanfeld is practical and disciplined. There are no gray lines interrupting the Gideon’s black and white … Continue reading Scottish Regency: Rhapsody and Rebellion by Aubrey Wynne