New Regency Series by Dayna Quince

I enjoy editing Dayna Quince's books. The plots are entertaining, the romance is steamy—I mean scorching—with the perfect amount of humor and angst sprinkled throughout the story. The Northumberland Nine are gently bred sisters, all of marriageable age, and terribly desperate to get married. The problem? Their fertile father is so busy traveling and searching … Continue reading New Regency Series by Dayna Quince

Merry Christmas from the Editing Hall

Be sure the spelling on your holiday cards are correct. Here's a list to check twice! Common mistakes to avoid when penning a note of Yuletide cheer: Christmastime is one word. Ho! Ho! Ho! has exclamation points after each one. Santa Claus has no E at the end. Xmas does not have a hyphen after … Continue reading Merry Christmas from the Editing Hall

Adverbs: The Uninvited Guests

Adverbs have received a bad rap over the years. Many authors diligently avoid words ending with -ly. Yet, those little devils may sneak in without notice. I love a well-placed adverb. Used sparingly, it can help set the tone or add just the right detail to a mental image.  By definition, an adverb describes or … Continue reading Adverbs: The Uninvited Guests

Scottish Regency: Rhapsody and Rebellion by Aubrey Wynne

The Editing Hall loves historical romance!  A Scottish Regency with a bit of mystic lore by award-winning author Aubrey Wynne. A Scottish legacy... A political rebellion... Two hearts destined to meet... Raised in his father’s image, the Earl of Stanfeld is practical and disciplined. There are no gray lines interrupting the Gideon’s black and white … Continue reading Scottish Regency: Rhapsody and Rebellion by Aubrey Wynne

The Penguin’s Progress by Eric Merry

These memoirs are also located in the London Imperial War Museum. This must be one of the most interesting non-fiction books I've edited. A young man sat on Biggin Hill in early 1940, watching an attack on the R.A.F. fighter station. As a German bomber spun out, chased by a British Spitfire, Eric knew what … Continue reading The Penguin’s Progress by Eric Merry

The trend of fewer commas…

Commas are necessary. It is the current trend to eliminate as many as possible but please be careful. Your pets will appreciate it. I am a purist when it comes to grammar. Yes, I adjust my style to reflect my individual clients but... Commas have been getting a bad rap lately. Less is more, they … Continue reading The trend of fewer commas…